Lucali’s Pizza Carrol Gardens Brooklyn | – Best Pizza Reviews Pizza Jobs Pizza Place For Sale

There is something that is alluring about mobster run pizza establishments.  While researching Lucali’s Pizza in Brooklyn, I came to realize that this incredible pizzeria actually has a reputed Colombo crime family member working there.  That made the visit even more exciting.  You know some proud Italian gangster, is not about to serve sub-par pizza.  A this pizza was as far from sub-par as they come.  This pizza was amazing.

We originally planned on starting our pizza day by trying Lucali’s, but were quickly disappointed since they didn’t open for another hour, which led us to drive around and eventually find another amazing establishment; South Brooklyn Pizza.  After eating at South Brooklyn Pizza, we headed back to Lucali’s.

Immediately upon entering this small, dimly lit pizzeria, we were greeted with this awesome wood burning oven aroma.  Normally you cannot judge a book by its cover, but if this pizza was going to taste anything like the smell, I knew we would be in for a unique treat.


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